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Saginaw Twp. approves new MDTs, new campaign sign policy

By Mandilee Hecht

SAGINAW TWP. – During the regular meeting of the Saginaw Township Board of Trustees on Monday, Oct. 22, 20 mobile data computers were approved for the police department for an annual payment of $30,000 to Saginaw County.

According to Chief of Police Donald Pussehl, each of the department’s 20 patrol vehicles are installed with the Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). These terminals provide officers with computer access to central dispatch and the county’s records management system.

A replacement fee was put in place over 10 years ago for each police agency through the county.

Pussehl said municipalities pay an annual fee into this account so that funds are available.

The township board also approved the annual payments to the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center for the Statewide Area Records Management System (ARMS) in the amount of $8,600 from Oct. 1 until Sept. 30, 2019.

The cost to use the system is on a peruser basis shared with police agencies throughout the state, Pussehl said. The current fee, $200 per full-time officer, is very reasonable, he said.

The $8,600 covers the annual cost for use of the records management system and is based on the number of officers the department has.

The township also rejected taxreverted property at 1400 Pius St. The property is not adjacent to any township property’s and it has no liens on it, Township Manager Rob Grose said.

The township board adopted a new policy as well during its Oct. 22 meeting regarding political and campaign signs on municipal and non-municipal owned property and polling places including churches and schools. The policy restricts, in part, unattended campaign signs from being placed on municipalowned properties that will not be used as a polling place on election day, Nov. 6. This means, Grose said, that individuals cannot install a campaign sign on township property.

“The election law permits, during the election day, individuals outside of the 100-foot campaign free zone to hold signs for campaigns, etc. We have had situations where individuals would install signs on township property and leave,” he said.

The policy also restricts unattended signs on municipal-owned properties with a polling place beyond the 100- foot campaign-free zone; and restricts signs on non-municipal properties with a polling place, (typically churches and schools,) beyond the 100-foot campaign free zone, unless written permission is granted by the property owner.

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